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“I go to France for skiing every year for a month and always feel super safe carrying Generali. I use them for every trip just because that one time, when it happened, they were there for me 100%.”

“We were thrilled when we found out everything was being covered.”

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Get Travel Insurance for Your Ski Trip

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of winter sports can travel insurance cover?

Our travel insurance plans can cover skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing/rafting, cross country skiing on marked trails, snow shoeing, sledding, ice skating and more.

The Premium and Preferred plans include Sporting Equipment and Sporting Equipment Delay coverages that can cover winter sports equipment you might bring on a trip, except motorized equipment, dental wear and eyewear.

If your sporting equipment is damaged, lost or stolen during your trip, Sporting Equipment coverage can reimburse the costs to repair or replace your sporting equipment. The Premium plan covers up to $2,000 and the Preferred plan covers up to $1,500.

Sporting Equipment Delay can reimburse you for the cost of locating your delayed Sporting Equipment and having it returned to you, and the cost of renting equipment in the meantime, up to the coverage limit.

The fine print says:
"We will not pay for damage to or loss of boats, motors, motorcycles, motor vehicles, aircraft, and other conveyances or equipment, or parts for such conveyances."
See Plan Documents for more details.

How can travel insurance help in case of weather delays on my trip?

Bad weather is always a risk when traveling during the winter. If a winter storm hits, flight cancellations and delays are bound to happen and you may take on some unplanned costs. If this happens, the Trip Interruption coverage included with travel insurance can cover for additional expenses to help get you to your destination and onto the slopes or back home, in addition to reimbursing you for lost trip costs. Travel Delay coverage is also included for certain out-of-pocket costs, such as meals, local transportation or even additional lodging or parking charges.

If a weather event, like a blizzard is foreseeable prior to you purchasing the insurance plan, then travel insurance may not cover it. If the plan is purchased after a storm is named, coverage is not provided for losses resulting from that named storm.

Read more about how travel insurance can help when you travel during the winter


What Can Wreck a Ski Trip and How Travel Insurance Can Help

Problems happen with travel plans more often than you might think. One in six U.S. adults reported having to cancel, interrupt or delay their trip.¹ Travel insurance can help protect your vacation investment from certain unforeseen events that could upset your travel plans and cost you.

Find the Plan That Fits Your Trip Best

There’s no better way to understand how travel insurance and assistance can help protect you and your trip than reading real life examples from fellow travelers.

How can travel insurance help me if I get sick or injured?

If you become critically sick or injured during your trip and no suitable local care is available, all of our plans provide coverage for emergency medical evacuation and coverage to reimburse your medical and dental costs. In addition, Trip Interruption coverage can reimburse you for lost trip costs while you're in hospital, including prepaid lift tickets.

This can be extremely helpful if, for example, you have a ski accident on the slopes — it could even require medical transportation by helicopter, which could cost a lot.

Our plans also include 24-hour emergency assistance services that can provide immediate assistance if a traveler becomes seriously ill or injured on their trip.

Could I be covered if I cancel my trip because of work obligations or job loss?

If you lose your job and cancel your trip as a result, you could be reimbursed for your prepaid, nonrefundable, trip costs. Some requirements must be met.

Our plans don't include Trip Cancellation coverage for work obligations that cause you to cancel your trip, except in the case of unexpected active military duty due to a natural disaster or military leave being revoked. If you want travel insurance that can cover for this reason, consider purchasing our Premium plan and adding Trip Cancellation for Any Reason coverage. This coverage reimburses you up to 60% of the penalty amount when you cancel your trip for any reason (requirements apply).

If you're brave enough to take on a black diamond, or maybe vacationing with kids just starting out on the bunny slope, chances are you could use ski insurance. Travel insurance for your ski trip can cover injuries on the slopes and during your vacation and is designed to help with winter travel mishaps like flight delays, cancellations, illness and more.*

What winter sports are covered?

Our travel insurance plans can cover winter sports on your trip, such as skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing/rafting, cross country skiing on marked trails, snow shoeing, sledding, ice skating and more. 

You can also choose a plan designed to cover your sporting equipment if it gets damaged, lost, stolen or delayed. Just be sure that the purpose of your trip is not to participate in any organized amateur sports, professional athletic competitions or sporting events, as those are not covered by our plans.*

Get Travel Insurance for Your Ski Trip

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